The Magical Button! is the 310th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends find a magical button in the attic!



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It starts off with Junior, Joseph and Cody bored, when an advertisement shows up for Paper World. Everybody gets really excited to go there, but then, Joseph then realizes Junior has to ask his dad. Meanwhile, Bowser is watching a Charleyyy & Friends episode on the TV, where when Charleyyy says he's with his biggest fan, then he shows an actual fan and turns it on. Then, Junior interrupts, and asks his dad. Bowser tells Junior that he cannot go to Paper World, and he can play in the attic instead, since there's paper inside it. Junior went back to his friends to sadly inform them that they can't go to Paper World, and that his dad told him to play in the attic, so they do so, since they have never been there before.

In the attic, they find some paper, but it's not as much as in Paper World. Then, they find a skeleton, along with a red button labeled "wtf". Junior thinks that it stands for "Whoa, that's fun," Cody tells him it stands for "What the fuck". Junior then tells Cody not to cuss because they think they are in a family show. Junior then reaches the button, only to be interrupted by his friends saying that the button could have killed the person who has pressed it. Despite this, Junior decides to bring it downstairs. Cody says that you do not press this button if you don't know what it does. Junior says that there could be instructions in the bottom. Cody then sees the instructions, and he reads it out loud. The button can grant any wish, but if it's a item, it must be under 50 thousand dollars. But for every wish, a random person on Earth dies. Junior is ready to press the button, when Cody tells him that it could be Bowser, Joseph, or even him. Junior calms down, saying that there is 7 million people on Earth, so they don't have to worry. Cody corrects him that there are 7 billion people on Earth. So Junior says that there is a 1 in 7 billion chance that it is going to choose one of Junior's friends. He says that it will probably select a random person, he does not know that person, so he would not care that he would be dead. Cody says that they are still killing people, but Junior says if it's a terrorist, it could actually help. Cody asks Junior what he would wish for that's worth a human life. Junior wishes for a gold fidget spinner.

Meanwhile, while Brooklyn T. Guy is saving a cat at the top of a tree, he dies as a result of the button. Cody is angry that Junior wished for what he got, because he killed someone for a gold fidget spinner. Joseph tells him about glowing fidget spinners, and then Junior wishes for one.

Charleyyy, who is talking to his fan on his TV show, dies onscreen. Bowser, as a viewer, then gets really sad for the death of Charleyyy, because he has loved him more than anyone else. Junior gets his glowing fidget spinner, and has fun with it. Cody then tells Joseph that it was his fault that Junior killed 2 people, Cody then tells Junior that the 2 people that died could have been somebody's family. Junior, as always, ignores Cody, and he wishes a tub full of Mac and Cheese.

Upon pressing the button, the scene cuts to Patrick's house where Patrick is held in an animal cell while his mom cleans a drawing that says "Cwazy, Ahhhh!!" followed by a drawing of a hunky man with a monster face, then, Patrick's mom dies out of nowhere, Patrick looks at his mom's dead body and starts laughing thinking that she fell asleep, Junior then appears in the the tub full of Mac and Cheese, Junior then invites his friends but Cody becomes pissed off that Junior made a stupid wish that costed the life of a person and says that baths are supposed to get clean and not dirty, Joseph also thinks that the wish was kinda gross and that it doesn't make any sense to him, Junior still invites them and insults Cody for the opinion on his wish and Cody then compares Junior's bath on Mac and Cheese with Scrooge McDuck's daily "swimming" in his money, Joseph says that it was messed up and that somebody died, Junior notices that the Mac and Cheese in his face makes him look like he has a mustache, Cody angrily says that they are going upstairs, Junior decides to follow them but he is stuck on the Mac and Cheese, he decides to eat the Mac and Cheese to go upstairs.

Some minutes (or even possibly hours) later, Junior goes with Cody and discovers that the button is missing, Cody then says that he forced Joseph to hide it, Junior finds Joseph and he starts standing and acting strange, Joseph lies to Junior that he is pooping in the couch, this angers Junior, and he says to Joseph that he must go home, dissapointed, Joseph decides to go home, but Cody discovers the button behind Joseph and gets angry at Joseph for hiding it in a stupid way, Junior then grabs the button and says that he is mad at Cody for hiding it and says that he is going to wish for a Sprite, then, the scene cuts to Bowser being sad and mad at Charleyyy's death but Bowser dies out of nowhere, Junior is then seen with his Sprite and Cody says that it is one of the dumbest wishes and he said that Junior killed somebody just for an Sprite, Junior then says that it is delicious but Cody replies that he could have just went to the fridge to get one but that Junior killed somebody because he was lazy, Junior replies that he killed somebody because Cody hided the button and Cody says that Junior admitted that he killed people but Junior says that he is not an murderer since he is not seen killing anybody and that people could think that the victims died of natural causes (since there is no proof of the people dying), then Cody says that what would happen if either Junior, Joseph and Cody dies, Junior says that is impossible for it to happen, and he proves it by wishing an ice cream truck.

As with all wishes, after Junior presses the button, the scene cuts to Chef Pee Pee cooking Mac and Cheese and he is speaking of how delicious the Mac and Cheese is and he says that it smells good and smells it, but he dies out of nowhere and his head falls on the bowl, the scene then cuts to Junior inside the truck with his friends outside, Cody then critizes about the wish being about having an ice cream truck, this time, Joseph is on Junior's side rather than Cody's, by saying the truck is cool, Junior thinks that Cody is jealous of Junior but Cody says that Junior can't ride it but Junior just cares for the ice cream and says that he has infinite ice cream, Junior tells Cody to calm down and to choose an ice cream for free, Cody still is angry with Junior saying that he will not choose an ice cream from a murder, Junior still wants Cody to have an ice cream and he decides to pick up an Snickers that describes Cody's personality, but Junior accidentaly grabs one that says "Cranky", this angers Cody and tells Junior to "fuck off" while Joseph laughs, Junior then grabs one that says "Hot Mess", Cody says that he is not wrong and decides to get an SpongeBob popsicle, Joseph looks at the advertisement with the SpongeBob popsicle and he says that he an SpongeBob too, Junior gives them the popsicles, Cody and Joseph are shown eating them, Cody says that the ice cream is delicious but he is still angry at Junior and says that is wasn't worth killing somebody for an ice cream, Junior says that there a lot of stuff he wants but Cody says that he has everything that Junior possibly wants but Junior presses the button wishing for Hubba Bubba.

For some reason, the scene doesn't cut to somebody doing something and then dying, Junior then looks at his Hubba Bubba and Cody gets mad becuase Junior murdered somebody just for a Hubba Bubba and Junior says that Hubba Bubba is the best gum in the world and asks Joseph if that is true, but Joseph is revealed to have been to victim and Cody gets pissed off and yells to Junior saying that either one of the victims could have been them, Junior does not care and then reminds about Joseph being dead and ask Cody why he died and says that the button choosed him randomly and Junior reminds about somebody dying out of 7 billion people and says that it played the lottery and he says that he doesn't want Joseph to die and Cody reminds him about the package of Hubba Bubba and discovers that they are 60 pieces of gum in the package, Junior says that if he wants his own pack of gum but Cody doesn't want to push the button but lets Junior push the button.

Immediatly, after Junior pushes the button, the scene cuts to the news where Goodman announces Charleyyy's death to public television, but after Goodman says "Breaking News! M'kay", he dies and he falls onto the floor, the scene then cuts to Junior and Cody chewing gum and Junior tries to make a bubble but he reminds about that he can't blow bubbles, they find the SpongeBob popsicle and it is melting, they decide to call Chef Pee Pee but they find out his dead body but Junior thinks he is smelling his Mac and Cheese and Cody tells Chef Pee Pee about the button, but Junior gets told about Chef Pee Pee being dead and he neglects everything Cody says to Junior, but in the last time, Junior discovers that he died because of the button and gets sad about Chef Pee Pee's death, he goes into Bowser's room to announce Chef Pee Pee's death, but they find out Bowser is also dead because of the Sprite wish and Cody tells Junior that when people die, they sleep forever and never open their eyes, Junior tries to do everything to make Bowser wake up, Junior goes back to his couch and says he wants something but Cody says he can't have more things since the button kills people, Junior wishes a bag of gummy worms.

After Junior presses the button, he finds out that Cody died and he laments wishing for the things he previously wished for and wishes he didn't pressed the button and he says that everyone of his friends and family died while he decides to turn on the TV, the news segment is shown again but Tito is shown as the presenter because he is filling up for Goodman since he died, the news report is about Goodman dying on air while live in national television, Junior then finds out that he killed people that weren't even related to him and that they were innocent just for stupid stuff and decides to bring back the button back to the attic, before he leaves, he finds out that the reason the person died was that he shot himself (thus revealing the people that press the button can't die), Junior eventually discovers that in order to bring the people murdered by the button, he has to commit suicide, Bowser Junior eventually decides to grab the gun the skeleton had and shots himself.

Joseph and Cody (who revived) get sad at Junior's death and they wish he was with them, Cody then discovers a way to loop the button, he decides to wish for a button that brings back Junior, before Cody presses the button, Joseph reminds him about pressing the button causes a random person to die, but Cody makes an exception, then, the scene cuts to Logan editing the video, but while Logan edits the video, Cody presses the button, causing Logan to die, Junior returns with them and they are all happy that the 3 of them are reunited once again, they decide to get rid of the button, then Junior tells his friends a lesson "It is not about the stuff you have, it is about your friends and family", but Cody wishes for a banana suit and is happy about his wish, after the SML Question, Logan thanks everybody for 2,500,000 subscribers, thus ending the video.



This video received positive reviews by fans and critics. Many fans praised the interesting plot, the return of Patrick and Junior's character development. However, the episode was criticized for Junior not listening to Cody and the filler. This video was also quite sad to people, almost leading to the point of crying.

Fans mostly praised the ending for being sad and how Bowser Junior finally learned his lesson after everything he did for the last 3 years.


  • This is the second video to revolve around a button. The first one being The Button!.
  • This is the third time Logan appeared in an SML movie and not in the post video, the first being Bowser Junior's Summer School, and the second being Bowser Junior's Summer School 7.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Patrick's Mom.
  • This is the 7th emotional SML video, preceded by Baby Shrek, Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7, Cool Cody!, Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2, Chef Pee Pee's Kids and Jeffy's Parents!.
  • This is Charleyyyyy first 2017 appearance since Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!.
  • This video marks the first appearance of the ice cream truck that Logan & Chilly bought.
  • Bowser Junior breaks the 4th wall by telling Cody not to curse because they are in "a family show". Ironically, modern SML videos are not family friendly and are targeted towards young adults.
  • When Junior pushes the button for the second package of Hubba Bubba, you hear Cody saying "yes!" with a quiet voice.
  • At the end of the video Cody is wearing a banana suit because SML Reviewer wants to see Cody in one since The Past Machine!.
  • This is the 1st time that Logan dies.
  • This is the 4th time that Charleyyyy dies.
  • These are the things that Bowser Junior and Cody pushed the button for.
    • A gold fidget spinner.
    • A gold fidget spinner that's lights up.
    • A Bath Tub of mac and cheese.
    • A Sprite.
    • A ice cream truck.
    • A Hubba Bubba.
    • Another hubba bubba.
    • some gummy worms.
    • Bowser Junior back to life.
    • A banana costume.

Cultural References

  • The episode is a parody of the 2009 film called The Box.
  • This episode is also a parody of a 2017 horror film called Wish Upon, which was released 2 weeks after this episode was released.
  • Many characters from cartoons and video games appear as popsicles in advertisements, some characters include SpongeBob, Sonic and Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.


  • In The Bet!, it is implied that Goodman will not longer use his Elephant Asshole suit, but he still wears it on this video.
  • The video on the editor cuts to black for unknown reasons after Logan dies, it is possible he was going to add the part where Junior revives.Its also Unknown if the Chef Pee Pee puppet survived from the boiling Mac n cheese


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