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The Ouija Board! is the 180th episode of SML Movies.


Junior and friends play with the Ouija Board, and Ken gets possessed!


The episode starts off with the three boys, Junior, Joseph & Cody playing the game Trouble. They somehow became confused about what you're supposed to do if you get in "Trouble", and all they could find out was pressing the dice in the centre. After the two boys became disinterested, Cody brought out another board game, which is the Ouija Board. Junior and Joseph thought that it was just a plain board to learn about the alphabet. Cody retorts that his doll Ken knows how to learn it backwardly. The two others disagree, which is when Cody answers back "Yes he Ken" as a dull joke. Bringing their minds back on the Ouija Board, Cody explains about the board: where you take the planchette around the board to let ghosts answer their questions. Junior interrupts him by asking Joseph about getting a root beer, only because he is thirsty. When they finally realized that ghosts come, they disbelieve it. Cody says to them if you mess up, you'll get possessed and you will die, making them surprised. Though that they really don't want to die for any reason after playing it, they at least gave it a try. Ken holds the planchette, all ready to play, until Junior got a root beer, interrupting him. Cody tells them to turn off the lights, which they refuse to. But since ghosts are afraid of light (which Cody says), they are required to. He explains what you have to do when you play the Ouija Board (just asking a ghost a simple question). They greet the demons, to begin with, so that they could get them some attention. Junior starts out the first question, about his age. Nothing happens for three hours. Three hours of waiting, Junior, Cody and Joseph woke up, only to find that Ken hasn't move, Cody suggests on asking a different question, Junior then asks the Ouija Board if Cody is a homosexual and to their surprise, Ken lands on "Yes", Cody then asks the board what the meaning of life is, Junior and Joseph thought it's a stupid question Suddenly, Ken starts to move, spelling "DEEZ NUTS" Joseph and Junior started to become offended and considered the ghosts crap and that they were trying to make fun of the gang. Chef Pee Pee asks the guys what they were doing and realizes that they're playing the Ouija Board, Chef Pee Pee warns them that they shouldn't play with it, but Junior denies that it's possessed and begins to taunt the demons, Chef Pee Pee warns them that if he keeps taunting the demons, they'll get killed. Junior and his friends go to bed, the camera zooms in on Ken and screen cuts to black. The screen fades into the gang sleeping until Chef Pee Pee barges into the room waking up Junior, Cody and Joseph. and asking who made the yogurt mess in the kitchen. but they said they did not do it. and they went to bed again. Chef Pee Pee barges into the room again, swearing and asked who made the flour mess saying "Deez Nuts" and with a angry face on the bottom. Then they went back to bed again. Cody wakes up looking for Ken. The doll proceeds to kill Cody. Chef Pee Pee then turned on the light to get a glass of water, but then sees another mess. He remembered that he had a camera, so he checked the camera and saw Ken walking on the ground. Confused, Ken kills Chef Pee Pee, waking up Joseph and Bowser Juniorr. They saw flour on the bed, and they thought Cody did it. They go to the living room. Unable to turn on the lights, Joseph disappears out of nowhere and gets killed. Bowser Junior. finds a light source and sees an Ouija Board covered in blood. The planchette begins to moves on it's own, spelling "DIE", the video ends with Junior finding Ken next to him.

Characters and Cast


IggytheKoopa gave the video 5 out of 5 for its good creepy atmosphere, the jokes were funny, there were no jumpscares, and there is the way Cody says "Ouija" board. SML Reviewer gave the video an A rating saying it really wasn't funny, the part with the Ouija board spelled "Deez nuts" way too long, and it got a horror rate which he enjoyed it.

The episode drew some initial concern that the video might portray the Ouija Board in a positive light, but in the end, this was not the case.

Review Rating
IggytheKoopa 5/5
SML Reviewer A


  • Between 12:15 and 12:33 into the video, the word "Cunt" is used
  • This is the first time that Ken becomes possessed.
  • This is the fourth time that Ken moves.
  • There were no survivors. expect Bowser. (possibly)
  • This marks the third time that Chef Pee Pee dies, the first being Shrimpo Hunter Episode 4, the second being Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken
  • Running Gag: Cody keeps saying "Ouija board" in a deep, menacing voice, mentioning that he has something in his throat each time.
  • This is one of the darkest SML Movies to date, if not the darkest, rivaling Joseph's House!, The Purge and The Secret Door!. The supernatural horror is played horrifically straight, and the episode ends with the possessed Ken murdering everyone in the house, and the evil music does not help. It even plays during the SML question.
  • This is the third time Cody dies.
  • This video was demonetized because of the Ouija board possibly relating to the devil.


  • The SML Question has "in" put down twice.
  • Junior complains that Ken took up all the space in the bed when they were going to sleep. It is shown that he has 2 pillows in his bed and it is unknown why he couldn't sleep on the other pillow next to Joseph.
  • It is unknown why didn't Junior, Joseph, and Cody see, felt, or smell GoGurt in Ken's hand and the flour all over Ken and the pillow when they went back to bed. Possibly they were really tired and they didn't notice.
  • At the end of the video, when it says Ouija the O is a Q. It is Possible that it is a Easter Egg
  • Ken's name is lowercase in the description.


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