The President's Chef! is the 150th video of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee is asked to come to Washington D.C to cook for president Barack Obama!


The episode opens with Bowser Junior making a whippy the whip cream man Chef Pee Pee comes in and gets angry at jr for making it, and then turns on the T.V. He sees the president making a speech, asking for a new chef. He says that any chefs that want to work for him can write to him. Chef Pee Pee writes the letter and quickly receives a call saying he has been chosen to come to Washington D.C. for the final test. He lies to Bowser and Bowser Junior about his reason for going and gets ready to go. He is too busy to notice Bowser Junior slipping into his bag. In D.C., Pee Pee discovers Junior tagging along in his bag and gets angry at jr once again. However, he hears a ring at the door soon after discovering. He opens it, and a secret service man comes in. He pushes Pee Pee onto the bed and scans the room before letting Obama in. Obama comes in and asks Chef to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, stating that he is a "simple man." Bowser Junior then asks Obama if they can do something fun, and they go around D.C. looking at the monuments. When they get back, Obama tells Pee Pee he will write to him with the news of if he has been granted the position or not. Pee Pee goes home and asks Bowser if a letter came. Bowser said one did, so Pee Pee went to look on the counter. He sees the letter laid out, implying that Bowser read it, with a souvenir snow globe just above it. It tells him that his sandwich was awful and he was not granted the position. Also, Bowser Junior rips the Declaration of Independence. As of a result, they are owned by the British. 



  • This video also marks the first appearance of Barack Obama and Mr. Dinkle.
  • This video reveals that Chef Pee Pee had a great great grandmother who doesn't like children and toys.
  • Mr. Dinkle was recycled from the Mr. Winkle puppet.
  • In a dabhdude live stream, it was revealed that Logan had Chilly Jimenez distract the security guard so they could do the Declaration of Independence scene, as the guard wasn't letting them do it.
  • This video reveals that Barack Obama calls Abraham Lincoln his "nigga".
  • Barack Obama in the video is possibly the Tyrone Calvin puppet with an Obama mask.
  • This is the first time Candy's Father says anything else besides "Hey, have you seen my daughter?" or "CANDY!!!"


  • Junior strongly disliked Barack Obama in Bowser Junior's Game Night 2, but in this episode, he seems to like him. However, it's possible he now likes him.


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