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The Purge! is the 197th video of SML Movies.


The Purge is happening! Bowser Junior needs to stay safe!


The Episode begins with Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody who were on The Couch along with Ken who wasn't wearing pants for some reason. Junior asked what they want to do, and Joseph suggested playing Video Games, but out of nowhere, Cody asked Junior what time it is with Junior replying with 6:51. As soon as he said it Cody told Junior to put on The News, Junior was reluctant and turned the T.V. To Channel 5 News with Goodman as The Host, He talked about how a Woman was arrested for a DUI (Driving Under Influence) And Drinking and Driving and showed The Viewers Exclusive Footage of the Incident, The Video showed Tyrone recording with a Phone (Judging by The Rectangular Camera Angle) Yelling "OH WHAT'S UP WORLD STAR?!" And happily said that His wife is getting Arrested for a DUI But Judy (The Woman) Tried to make up a Excuse by saying "I only had 4 Appletinis! But The Cop still attempted to get her out by Talking to her but she defiantly said No with both of Them Calling the Officer a Pig And imitating Oinking Sounds, The officer has no choice but to pull her out of the car with Tyrone Screaming "POLICE BRUTALITY! BLACK LIVES MATTER! BLACK LIVES MATTER! Before The Video was cut off, Joseph claimed that it was "Cool" But Junior became concerned when He realized that The woman was Cody's Mom with Cody Muttering "They'll probably take her license this time" Junior asked Cody how many times it has happened before with Cody replying that he lost count and that it happens about every Weekend, Goodman returned with Breaking News as he said that The First Annual Purge will start at 7:00PM and Conclude at 7:00AM Where all crimes including murder are legal for 12 hours, Junior and Joseph talked about it with Cody saying "Well Shit! All my mom had to do was wait one more day!" Joseph said that he needs to raid Gamestop but Cody countered with the fact that someone might murder him but Joseph doesn't care saying "Do you know how much those Games Cost?" Junior then showed his Intelligent Side by Saying "Why would they allow this? Did they think that if they let all the people commit crime on 1 Day they won't commit any Crimes for the rest of the year? It doesn't make sense because your mom Drink and drived Yesterday so she commited a Crime Yestersay so if today she can drink and drive as much as she wants wouldn't she still Drink and Drive Tommorow? Cody replied with Yeah and Junior criticized about how people will still commit crimes after the Purge ended and How it will never work and asked Cody if his mother is in jail and questioned about if during the Purge she can break out of Jail and what will happen after The Purge Ends like do they come for her or do they let her go, Bowser then came in and told Junior that his friends need to go home, Junior asks why but Bowser Answered that he is paranoid that Joseph and Cody Might Murder him and Junior, Joseph asked Junior out how he just expects them to walk home but Junior said that they got about 5 Minutes until The Purge Starts, Junior told Bowser that they can't make it home in 5 Minutes but Bowser says that he doesn't care as they are not his children, Cody says that Ken know Karate so he might be ok but as usual Joseph screamed "HE'S A DOLL CODY!" While The Trio walks to the front door, Joseph bolts for his house while Junior told Cody that He'll let him Stay if he admits that The Sun is a Planet but Cody refuses to surrender and instead just chooses to run home, saying he can make it in 5 minutes. Chef Pee Pee was shown about to make Italian Styled Entrees in which Bowser Told Chef Pee Pee to leave using the same excuse about how he might try to murder them by putting something in their food but Chef Pee Pee said that he can do that any other day but Bowser tells him that it's legal so he Still forces him to get out and tells him that he's expecting him to return at 7:00 AM he survives while Chef Pee Pee Swore that he'll kill them, Bowser is seen locking the Door while Junior questions about how safe they'll be but Bowser Reassured him that they'll be safe because They have a Deadbolt Lock And sternly told Junior to not open The Door for anyone except for him although he doesn't know why he'll be outside and told Junior to look through The Peephole, Junior and Bowser then see The Emergency Broadcast Announcement Saying:


Announcing The Commencement Of The Annual Purge Sanctioned By The U.S. Government.

Commencing At The Siren Any And All Crime (Including Murder) Will Be Legal For 12 Hours.

Police, Fire, And Emergency Medical Services Will Be Unavailable Until Tomorrow At 7:00 AM When The Purge Concludes.

Then a countdown ensues, after the countdown reaches zero, the sirens go off, and Goodman informs the viewers to be safe when all of a sudden, Black Yoshi comes in and shoots him, declaring "Oh, folk, man! I got my first kill for The Purge!" which Bowser laughs at that and decides to go back to his room to watch Charleyyy, leaving Bowser Junior all by himself.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn T. Guy teams up with Chef Pee Pee to kill Bowser Junor wearing scary baby masks, but Simmons, on the other hand, wears an Olaf costume and Brooklyn's wife wears a Hello Kitty mask. They fix Simmon and Brooklyn's wife's costumes to make them look gorrier and they're ready for the kill. They knock on the door, Bowser Junior goes for the peep hole, obviously worried that he might be killed. Junior ask who is at the door and sees scary faces. Junior got scared until Simmons dressed up as Olaf came. He told Junior to trick or treat but Junior does not have candy so he told him he needs a hug. Junior felt sypathetic for him and open the door. They tries to shoot Junior but they miss. They decided to then shut off the electricity in the house. Bowser Junior tries to hide everywhere. He first hides under the bed but Sharon sneezed and ran out saying that he sneeze. Junior then hid behind the couch and Brooklyn T Guy was looking on the top of the couch. He was about to shoot Junior but Sharon then yelled out if he caught Junior or not making him miss the shot and making Junior ran away. When Simons was looking in the fridge, Bowser Junior sneak attacked and hung him. Junior ran away and lock himself in the room. Brooklyn T Guy got the axe and broke the door down. Junior was hiding under the bed and Brooklyn T Guy threw the sheets away. They then chain Junior and threatens to kill him. Junior ask who they are and Chef Pee Pee reveal themselves to Bowser Junior. Then, Brooklyn T Guy and Chef Pee Pee fight over who gets to kill him. Chef Pee Pee gets fed up with Brooklyn, so he shoots Brooklyn T Guy to get the chance. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he hates him, and Junior asks why. So Chef Pee Pee says a 6-hour speech about why he hates Junior, and by the time he's done, the siren goes off and the Purge concludes this 7:00. Chef Pee Pee said that this is impossible and Bowser came thinking that Chef Pee Pee is protecting Junior. Bowser tells him to make him some food. Bowser ask why Junior is chain up. Junior tries to explain but Bowser saids that kids nowadays have weird stuff going on. The video ends with Junior asking whether someone would unchain him or not and saying he kinda likes it.



Confirmed Dead


  • Joseph (possibly): Possibly died during the Purge.
  • Cody (possibly): Possibly died during the Purge.
  • Black Yoshi (possible, not likely): Possibly died during the Purge, but this is unlikely due to Black Yoshi always being armed and ready.


  • Bowser Junior: Hides from the purgers and almost dies at the hands of Chef Pee Pee but survived until 7:00 am due to Chef Pee Pee's long speech about why he hates Junior.
  • Bowser: Slept through the Purge and woke up for Chef Pee Pee to make breakfast before he could kill Junior.
  • Chef Pee Pee: Joins a group of purgers and attempts to kill Bowser Jr, which costs most of the group's lives. Chef Pee Pee then betrays and kills Brooklyn Guy, as Guy wanted to kill Bowser Jr himself to avenge his fallen comrades. Chef Pee Pee attempts to kill Bowser Jr, but was too late.
  • Joseph (possibly): Before the Purge started, Bowser forces Junior's friends out of the apartment in case they may try to kill them. After this, Joseph's fate was left unknown as he only had five minutes to run home.
  • Cody (possibly): Before the Purge started, Bowser forces Cody and Joseph out in case they may try to kill them. Afterwards, Cody's fate was left unknown.
  • Black Yoshi (possibly): After the Purge has started, Black Yoshi arrives on TV and kills Goodman. Afterwards, his fate is left unknown.


  • Chef Pee Pee almost kills Junior, but he loses his chance at the last minute thanks to his 6-hour speech of why he hates Junior.
  • This is the first time that the Brooklyn Guy actually dies.
  • Due to being based off The Purge movie, the episode is one of the darker episodes, depicting Chef Pee Pee, Brooklyn T. Guy, his wife, and Burglar Paul as "purgers," therefore as antagonists. Despite that, Junior most definitely deserved punishment for what he did to his attempted killers (a lifetime's worth of abuse and annoyance towards Chef Pee Pee, and murdering Ray and Paul in Home Alone), murdering a child is kind of extreme (although, considering the kid has been killed before, pay evil unto evil seems poetic).
  • It is unknown if Joseph and Cody have died on their way back and it is also unknown if Cody's mom Judy escaped from jail and either died or made home safe on her way back from jail.
  • It is revealed that Chef Pee Pee hates Junior simply for existing, this is Chef Pee Pee's cruel side.
  • This episode once again brings back Junior's argument that the Sun is a planet.
  • It's unknown why Bowser didn't react to the power going out, as it would have prevented him from watching Charleyyy. It's possible, however, that he may have gone to bed.
  • It is also unknown why Bowser didn't hear the gunshots in the house, Although, Bowser might be a heavy sleeper.
  • This is the fourth time a video is based on a movie, others being Home Alone, Home Alone 2 [1] and Ratatouille!
  • This is the first time Black Yoshi kills Goodman.
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  • When the Brooklyn Guy breaks the door with an ax and said "Here's me!", it is a reference to the 1980 film The Shining, when Jack Nicholson breaks through the bathroom door and says "Here's Johnny!". He then tries to explain it to Chef Pee Pee.
  • The entire plot is closely based on the 2013 film The Purge, which is set in 2022.


  • Bowser Junior says he didn't know Chef Pee Pee hated him. However, there are some older videos in which Junior does say he hates him, such as "Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger". However, it could of been that Bowser Junior knew Chef Pee Pee hated him and just asked for a long explanation that The Purge would end and he would not die.
  • When Chef Pee Pee kills Brooklyn T. Guy and the Purge time was over, His body was no longer there.
  • In the video, Bowser Junior asks that so they are alone in the house and Bowser says that yes they are, even though Mario and other characters live in the house.