The Sticky Situation is the 147th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior gets in trouble playing with glue!


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Bowser Junior is making a macaroni sculpture while watching Doofy The Dragon. As Doofy tells the audience to show their macaroni sculptures to their parents, Bowser Junior calls his dad so that he can see his sculpture. Bowser however calls it "crap", which upsets Junior. To get back at him, Junior plans to poison his dad's coffee with Elmer's glue only to find out Bowser doesn't drink coffee. He instead glues Bowser's room door to prevent him from getting out. Junior "tells" his dad that someone is at the door, and after a while Junior starts pretending to tell that Charleyyy is at the door, and it works. Bowser then realizes the door is stuck and Junior soon tells him that Charleyyy left, resulting in Bowser commiting suicide. Junior doesn't notice and goes on to prank others.

Then, Chef Pee Pee starts laughing at Junior's dinosaur macaroni sculpture, saying that it looks like a giraffe or something. This enrages Junior, who makes fun of him by saying that his nose is full of boogers.



  • This is the 5th time Bowser dies.
  • This episode later makes an appearance as a flashback in "Bowser Junior's Christmas Eve".
  • Nobody ever checked on Bowser's body.
  • Junior uses Mac n' Cheese for his dinosaur in the beginning of the video.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the phrase "sticky situation", which means being stuck in something important.
  • Junior gluing the toilet seat is similar to Lia's clone doing the same thing in the SPA episode "Lia's a Troublemaker at School".


  • Elmers glue would not be strong enough to do the things Junior did.

    Comparison of Lia's clone and Junior gluing the toilet seat down.