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"The Ugly Duckling" is the 51th episode of SML Shorts.


A duck finds the girl of his life only to be played by someone.


The episode starts of with the Ugly Duckling on a cruise. He finds someone he deeply admires, but it turns out the girl duck is in love with a different guy. Jealous, the Ugly Duckling pushes the duck off of the cruise and into the water. We then see the girl duck talking to the FBI about her boyfriend's disappearance, in which they will try to get to the bottom of the case. The FBI questions the Ugly Duckling after scouting the crime scene, but he has nothing to say. The Ugly Duckling then becomes Girl Duck's new boyfriend. The FBI scouts the crime scene again, only this time to find a security camera. The Ugly Duckling and Girl Duck talk, but are stopped by the FBI who has evidence. The FBI chases after the Ugly Duckling after showing the video of the murder. The Ugly Duckling then commits suicide by jumping off the cruise, dying a free bird.


  • The Ugly Duckling
  • Girl Duck
  • Boyfriend Duck
  • FBI Duck 1
  • FBI Duck 2


  • This was filmed while Chilly and Logan were on a cruise.
  • In the Behind The Scenes, Logan was gonna show the dead duck's blue body, but it was scrapped.
  • This is the first (and possibly only) SML Short released on Chilly's channel.
  • This short is way different from most SML shorts, as this takes place on a cruise and these characters are unusual then what you would find in a SML short.
  • This is the first SML short to be filmed in the Caribbean.
  • This is the first (and possibly only) SML video to have no spoken dialogue.


  • The teardrop looked like it was coming from between the ugly duck's forehead more than his eye.


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