The Warp Pipe! is the 148th video in the SML Movies.


Mario is sick and tired of walking up three stories to get to his apartment, so he thinks he has a solution to his problem!


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The video starts out with a really tired Mario carrying some groceries out of his car; the groceries are very heavy. He then has to climb up the stairs to get to the apartment. He's almost there when his bags rip and the groceries fall out. He becomes really annoyed and depressed. When he arrives at the apartment, Chef Pee Pee is waiting for him with the groceries. Mario tells Chef Pee Pee that the groceries fell out and he is done with the stairs. Sooner or later, he gets an idea to fix this.



  • This is the 9th time Bowser Junior dies, the first being Baby Mutant Turtles, the second being Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath, the third being Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4, the fourth being Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack and the fifth being Bowser Junior's Addiction.
  • The Brooklyn Guy and Chef Pee Pee use custom made 8-bit sprites in this video.
  • While Junior is brutally murdered, an 8-bit Thomas can be seen on top of the Bullet Bill launcher.
  • Mario, the Thwomp, and the Bullet Bills use their sprites from Super Mario World. Bowser Junior, the Piranha Plant, and the Hammer Bro. use their 16-bit sprites from Super Mario Maker, though, since Bowser Junior and the Hammer Bro didn't appear in the former game, although a fire-spouting Piranha Plant appeared in place of the classic one.
  • Mario was assumed to be killed off altogether by a few fans, but until "The Perfect Plan!", this was not true.
  • This is the first time Mario dies with Bowser Junior.
  • This is the first time the pixel 8 bit art animation was used.