Toad's Mistake 3 is an 29th video from SML Shorts


Toad made a huge mistake when he decided to eat Shrek's cheesecake.


Toad is coloring in a My Little Pony coloring book. After coloring he starts to become hungry. So he goes to the freezer to look for something to eat. He finds a cheesecake box and decides to eat it. Meanwhile, Shrek is taking a crap and gets hungry. So he decides to have some cheesecake. When Shrek goes into the kitchen he notices Toad eating his cheesecake and becomes shocked. Toad realizes that the cheesecake belongs to Shrek and Shrek loves cheesecake. Shrek then proceeds to try to kill Toad with a knife after Toad explained what happened, but Toad escapes and then Shrek knocks him down with the cheesecake box, and beats him in the face too many times. Shrek then takes Toad to the bathroom and Shrek gives Toad a swirly, then takes a crap on Toad. Toad then escapes back into the kitchen and hides in a blender, hoping he won't be spotted, but Shrek is not that easy to fool. Shrek finds Toad and turns on the blender, brutally murdering Toad, telling him that's what he gets for eating his cheesecake. Mario then comes in and asks why Toad is in the blender. Shrek tells him that Toad ate his cheesecake and Mario is left confused.



  • After the video ends, Chef Pee Pee appears for a few seconds mocking the viewers that he's in another video.
  • This is the first time since Luigi's Mansion Episode 4 that Bowser didn't appear in.
  • It is unknown if Toad ever survived the blender attack, despite the fact that the video said that he was not really dead.
  • The Toad plush used in the video was not the main toad plush Logan uses.
  • Logan explained that he did not like the Toad plush which gave him the idea to destroy it.
  • This is the final SML Short of 2014.
  • This is also the final SML Short in the old house.
  • This is the first episode of Toad's Mistake to use a custom thumbnail and The first episode of Any Mistake video to use a custom thumbnail.
  • A Garry's Mod version of this video has been made by a local gmodder by the name of OmegaMario89. You can watch it here:


  • Despite this being labeled as an SML Short, it has the time range of an SML Movie.
    • However Later SML Shorts use this time length.

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