• [We see the intro of Toad's New Ball]
  • [rap music plays]
  • [The scene shows a garage door open with Toad being happy about his new ball]
  • Toad: Yeah! Let's go play some hardcore ball! Yay! I have a new ball! Yeah, boy, I got a new ball! (hums) Oh, you slippery dog you.
  • [A scene shows Woody driving]
  • Woody: I got my license back getting that Shrimpo the other day. So, let's see how I can do this time.
  • [Scene reverts back to Toad]
  • Toad: New ball, yeah! (the ball rolls away) No, ball! Come on, ball. No! No!
  • Woody: Alright, we're gonna see... Oh, I see that ball in my way.
  • Toad: (chases after the ball) Come on, ball. Oh, good ball. (Woody's car approaches)
  • [Toad screams in agony and gets run over. After Toad got ran over by Woody's car, he is seen groaning in pain]
  • [Woody then stops the car]
  • Woody: Okay, what did I hit? Well, I think it's that little ball right there. I know I hit the ball. That's what I'm aiming for.
  • [cuts to the SML Lesson]

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