Toad - Milk and Cookies
Milk and Cookies
Toad & Ray Cheesy
Released July 11, 2013
Recorded 2012-2013
Length 22:02
Toad - Milk and Cookies is a SuperMarioLogan album. It's currently available through iTunes as of 2013. With the help of Ray Cheesy and Toad they made this song please be sure to watch


The album was released on July 11, 2013.

Track List

  1. Milk and Cookies - 2:20
  2. Pink Escalade - 2:29
  3. Party in the Tub - 2:28
  4. I Gotta Pee - 2:34
  5. Pepperoni Pizza - 4:35
  6. Hyped Up on Sugar - 3:44
  7. Vroom Vroom - 3:52


This is for anyone who had a rap line in the album

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