Toad Away is a commercial where Bowser invents a new product named Toad Away.


Bowser announces a commercial of a product named Toad Away. He talks about how to kill an annoying toad with three easy sprays. Then Mario is seen eating Doritos and Toad annoys him by asking for a dorito every 2 seconds he tries to eat them. Then Bowser tells Mario to spray Toad three times with Toad Away. Bowser then sprays Toad who runs away screaming. He then ends the commercial, telling the viewers that it's the satisfying price of around $50. And then the announcer says the phone number to get Toad Away is 1-800-555-TOAD.



  • Toad Away is the first episode of "SML Short week" It is soon followed by Koopa's New Job, Toad's New Ball, Stuck in a Tree, and Nerd and Bully's.
  • The part where Bowser shows the price is a reference to the Microsoft Windows 1.0 commercial, where someone says, "$500? $1000? $5000? No, it's only $99 dollars!"
  • This was released exactly 5 years before Jeffy's Bad Word.

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