• [it started in the kitchen, where a spray bottle that says "Toad Away" is on the table. Bowser just came out of nowhere]
  • Bowser: (looks in front of the audience) Hello, everybody, I'm Bowser. Do you have those pesky Toad problems in your house?
  • Cameraman: Yes.
  • Bowser: You do? Well I have a perfect product for you today: it's called Toad Away! I promise you it works. It works it works it works it works! With three-easy sprays and have those Toads running to their mom like, "Why was I born, mom? WHY WAS I BORN?!"! You wanna see the stuff in action? YOU WANNA SEE IT IN ACTION?!
  • Cameraman: Yes.
  • Bowser: Okay, let's go! (brings a spray bottle with him. In off-screen, the screen shows a bag of Doritos) Have you ever been chilin' just eating your Doritos? (Mario was there)
  • Mario: Uh, yeah, all the time.
  • Bowser: (off-screen) And that pesky Toad just sneaks up behind you and ANNOYS YOU?!
  • Mario: Uh... (Toad just appear out of nowhere)
  • Toad: Hey, Mario.
  • Mario: (turns around) Uh, hey.
  • Toad: Can I have Dorito?
  • Mario: Uh, no they're my Doritos. Gosh, go get your own.
  • Toad: Hey, Mario.
  • Mario: What?
  • Toad: Um, can I get a Dorito?
  • Mario: No, you cannot have a Dorito! (continues eating)
  • Toad: Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hello, Mario. Heeey, Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario.
  • Mario: (stops eating) What! What what what?!
  • Toad: Can I get a Dorito?
  • Mario: NO!! (sighs)
  • Toad: Hey Mario. Hey Mario. Hey Mario.
  • Bowser: (off-screen, Mario is eating his Doritos) You know what you need?
  • Mario: What?
  • Bowser: (off-screen, the camera shows the spray bottle that says "Toad Away") TOAD AWAY! Get that stuff!
  • Mario: (holds a spray bottle) Okay, how do I use it?
  • Bowser: (off-screen) Three-easy sprays and have 'em history! (Mario sprays Toad three times and screams)
  • Mario: Yay, my Toad is away, now I can eat my Doritos!
  • Bowser: Yeah! Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff!! (at the audience) You still think it doesn't work? Well, here's an interview with a real Toad, that's been sprayed with Toad Away!
  • Toad: (the sign says "Real Toad") What? Toad Away? That must spray with Toad away.
  • Bowser: (comes to Toad with a spray bottle) DIE!! AH!! TOAD AWAAAY!!! (at the audience) And you probably thinking how much does it cost! $10? $20? $30? NO!! $50!!! (the effect shows explosion and the sign says $50.00 and makes an explosion sound) And it's three-easy payments of $50! You probably think i'm crazy right now! No! I'm serious! Toad Away!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [the scene at the top left corner shows Bowser showing the audience "Toad Away", and has the number that says, "1-800-555-TOAD" and it also says on the bottom, "For those pesky toads!". It also has an image of Toad on the left and an image of a spray bottle on the right]

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