Toad Sucks! is a song by Black Yoshi, featuring Shrek in order to compete with Toad, when Toad made a song to express that he is cool, Shrek and Black Yoshi made a rap song expressing that they are cool and that Toad is a loser and that he sucks.


Black Yoshi:

It's Black Yoshi, everybody knows me

Killed a black guy, but I keep it low key

I don't talk to Toad, 'cause he fruity

When I'm through rapping I'ma play Call Of Duty

Coming to this game, hotter than ever

If you like me you should write me a letter

Track me flow, I run this game

I'm too raw, Toads are lame


Hey it's Shrek

I'm the best

I eat a lot, so I'm a mess

Eat cheesecake, poop, and rest

Toad is a Donkey from the west

Hotter than the sun, bigger than the moon

Eat with my hands, I don't need a spoon

Cook your cheesecake 'cause she want me

Kill this song, stupid Donkey

Black Yoshi:

Call Of Duty! Yeah! Get my glock!



Black Yoshi:



Crap! Cheesecake!


  • This is the only song that Black Yoshi sung so far.
  • This song reveals that Shrek and Black Yoshi really hate Toad.