This article is about the episode. For the song, see Toad is cool (song).

Toad is Cool is the 7th video of SML Movies.


Toad has been a loser all his life, but when he meets an underground rapper "Ray Cheesy" he suddenly thinks he has found a way to be cool! 


Black Yoshi is shown playing Call of Duty. Toad goes into Black Yoshi's room and asks him what he is doing. Black Yoshi says that he is playing Call of Duty. Toad begs him to let him play. Black Yoshi keeps saying no. Eventually, Black Yoshi threatens Toad with his Xbox controller, but when that doesn't work, Black Yoshi continuously beats Toad's head on the wall. He then throws Toad out of his room. He then continues to play Call of Duty. Toad is then shown in the hallway crying. He when wanders out of the hallway, complaining because he has no friends. He then goes to Shrek, who is in the bathroom taking a crap, but when Shrek sees Toad, a flashback is shown. It shows Black Yoshi giving Shrek some Doritos, but when Shrek grabs the first Dorito, it is actually Toad hiding in the bag. Angered by this, Shrek grabs Toad by the neck and beats his head up against the Doritos bag. Toad then claims that the event never happened, while Shrek corrects him. Shrek then grabs Toad and dunks his head in the toilet. Then, he throws Toad out of the bathroom. He goes into the hallway and walks off crying. Mario then goes to Toad and asks him why he is crying. When he doesn't answer, Mario makes fun of Toad by calling him a loser. Toad continues to wander off into the kitchen. He then spots a bag of Doritos, but when he walks over towards them, Shrek ambushes Toad by body-pressing him, beating his body up against the fridge, and then he throws him outside. Ray Cheesy then appears waking on the sidewalk and goes to Toad asking him "what's up?" Toad asks Ray Cheesy who he is. After hearing his name, he confuses it to be from a macaroni and cheese commercial. He then picks up Toad and slaps him out of his hand. Ray Cheesy asks Toad why he is crying. He says that he has no friends. Ray Cheesy says that him and Toad can record songs. He then goes to Toad's computer and asks him how long it is. Toad says that it is 27 inches. He also notices that Toad has a knife. They then make rap songs together. A time card then appears that says "The Next Day" Black Yoshi and Shrek are then shown playing Call of Duty together. When Shrek gets confused over the object of the game, Black Yoshi kicks Shrek out of his room. When Shrek is about to open the door so he can get out, Toad and Ray Cheesy go into Black Yoshi's room. When Shrek grabs Toad, Toad says that him and Ray Cheesy have something to show to Black Yoshi and Shrek. Black Yoshi makes a deal with Toad, saying that if the thing that Toad and Ray Cheesy had to show was cool, Black Yoshi would give Toad his Call of Duty.


Names in other languages

  • Japanese : キノピオ〜の日でる Kinopio no hi Deru (Kinopio no Day out)


  • This video marks Ray Cheesy's first appearance.
  • Shrek's flashback is from the Doritos Commercial video.
  • Toad becomes a rapper following this video.
  • This video is the first ever SML Movie to have a custom thumbnail, but words only.
  • This is the first time that Toad is voiced by Lovell Stanton

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