For the episode, see Toad is Cool.

Toad is Cool is the first Toad song, it was sung by Toad and Ray Cheesy. It appeared in Toad is cool.



  • It's Toad and now I'm cool
  • Made a few bucks now I bought me a pool
  • I'm sick of everybody calling me gay so talk to the hand cuz I don't care whatcha say!
  • Mario and Peach can kiss my booty
  • Last week I peed on Black Yoshi's Call of Duty
  • When Mario dies Peach is gonna get raped.
  • Guess what Shrek I'ma eat your cheesecake.

Ray Cheesy:

  • It's Ray Cheesy it's time to make it easy
  • She licked me like a lollipop like my little Cheesy
  • Girl full of spit like when I walk around feeling queazy.
  • You hear I want your chocolate, like I was her Reese's
  • I ate a bad burrito and now I'm on the pot
  • Hit me to the floor you would think I got shot
  • I made these rubber tracks I got too many flow
  • Man I'm out so let em know Toad


  • YEAH! I'm cool now! So Mario, Peach... Black Yoshi Y'all can kiss my fanny! AHHH! I GO HARD! AHHH! In the paint!  


  • It is the first song sung by Toad.
  • It is the debut of Ray Cheesy.
  • It is the only song to have an episode about it.

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