Tony gets a girlfriend (part 1) is an early video of SuperMarioLogan.


Tony The Tiger is shown crying. Mario comes and asks what is wrong. Tony tells Mario that there is a girl named Squatter who he likes, but he doesn't know if Squatter likes him. Mario tells Tony he will help. Mario and Tony wake Woody up for advice. Woody tells Tony to go to a store and buy 13 Shrimpos, put them in a flower, and bring the flower to Squatter. Mario finds out Woody is drunk. Mario tells Tony not to take Woody's drunken advice. Mario then takes Tony to Chihuahua Dog for more advice. Chihuahua Dog tells Tony to take Squatter to Taco Bell and to buy her a burrito. Mario then takes Tony to Mr. Pig for advice. Mr. Pig isn't much help, so Mario and Tony leave. It then ends on a to be continued.