"My eyes are so slant, I can't see!"

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Tony gets a girlfriend (part 2) is an early video of SuperMarioLogan.


Mario and Tony The Tiger go to Kung Pow for advice. Kung Pow tells Mario to help him name his kids by throwing a spoon into the wall and naming the kid based off the sound it makes. Kung Pow tells Tony to buy Squatter an egg roll. Mario decides it's time for the date. Mario and Tony arrive, and Tony has his head shoved up Mr. Pig's butt (as a costume due to Mr. Pig's advice). Tony then asks Squatter out, and takes her. At diner, Tony engages in awkward small talk. Woody is seen spying on the date in the bushes. After more small talk, Tony invites Squatter over to his house. A montage of Tony and Squatter having fun is shown. Soon, the date is over, and Tony says goodbye to Squatter. Mario comes by and asks how the date went, and Tony says it went fine. Mario then remembers that Tony had a wife and kids in the American Idol Series, in which Tony realizes that he just accidentally had an affair.