Truth Or Dare! is the 175th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends play truth or dare!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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Bowser Junior, Cody and Joseph are playing "extreme bowling", in which the player tries to throw a bowling ball at the pins while wearing a blindfold. Chef Pee Pee however tells them they're going to make a mess. Joseph, regardless, then tries to aim at the pins and throws the ball. It lands in the kitchen and causes a mess instead, making Chef Pee Pee go to bed early.

The friends attempt to play Freeze Tag, but Cody tags Ken, thus ruining the game. Junior suggests they should make a game and ends up 'inventing' Truth or Dare.

Joseph is dared to wear Cody's glasses for 5 minutes, and does, but he says that the glasses are like a kaleidoscope and Cody's big eyes are seen. Cody dared to takes his hat off, but as it turns out, Cody has a infinite amount hats. Junior is dared to wear Chef Pee Pee's underwear on his head. Junior's friends mock him, but he agrees.

Junior asks Chef Pee Pee for his underwear, to which the chef replies by asking Junior if he is a weird, homophobic person. Junior demands for the underwear, and Chef Pee Pee says that he won't have Junior running around with his underwear on Junior's head.

Junior says that he and his friends invented Truth or Dare, to which Chef Pee Pee replies by saying that it was made long ago. Junior said that his given dare was to wear Chef Pee Pee's underwear on his head. Chef Pee Pee declines, but Junior tricks the chef and grabs his underwear, and runs off.

Junior asks Joseph, who picks truth and admits that he is adopted. Cody picks truth, and he is asked if he is gay. Cody brushes this off. Junior is caught by Chef Pee Pee who demands for his underwear. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee, "truth or dare." Chef Pee Pee declines, but since he is so annoyed with Junior, he is dared to kiss Cody. The chef declines, but Junior said that Chef Pee Pee will be the biggest loser if he declines. Chef Pee Pee declines.



  • This video reveals that Cody has an infinite amount of identical hats. although he could have hat only 1 more hat left after Junior pulled it, and then put it back on, it is also possible he has the hats in order to have one if the previous one gets destroyed
  • The Cody plush without glasses from "The Burger!" is used again here. 
  • This is the first time that Junior punches his father.
  • It's revealed that Chef Pee Pee doesn't like to sleep naked.
  • This is the second time Ken moves, the first time being in "Bowser Junior's GoKart Race!".
  • This video reveals that Joseph's dad has beaten Joseph's mom 95 times. It is also revealed that Joseph is adopted.
  • At 0:37 Chef Pee Pee is held by another.


  • Chef Pee Pee is shown sleeping in a bed, but it was shown in "Bowser's House Fire!" that he had to sleep on the couch. It could be possible that he bought himself a bed.
  • It was unknown why Chef Pee Pee didn't grab his underwear back, which was an easier way, instead of arguing with Junior.
  • Junior dared Joseph to wear Cody's glasses for 5 minutes, but it wasn't exactly 5 minutes of how long when Joseph wore it.
  • Chef Pee Pee said that he doesn't have any legs in Cody's House so it is unknown where he got the underwear from.
  • Bowser Junior says that board games are boring, however, in the Bowser Junior's Game Night videos, he likes playing board games and he thinks they are fun.