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Untitled SuperMarioLogan and Dabhdude Crossover was a planned (mainly on Dabhdude's part) crossover between SML Movies and Dabhdude's plush series. Not much is known about it, including if it will ever be made. Dabhdude mentioned it in a livestream to Logan Thirtyacre, who didn't seem to mind one.


Not much is known about the episode's plot. Dabhdude mentioned a character who would parody Chef Pee Pee ripoffs. It would include her going crazy over minor things, presumably annoying the likes of Bluedude and other Dahbdude characters. The only thing 100% confirmed, was that if it is made it would involve the Chef Pee Pee ripoff calling a random number, and happening to call Chef Pee Pee.


Since the characters aren't confirmed, the assumed characters are put down:

  • Bluedude
  • Little Sonic
  • Chef Pee Pee ripoff (presumably Elly)
  • Chef Pee Pee
  • Possible other Dabhdude Characters
  • Possible other SuperMarioLogan Characters

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