SML Special: Valentine's Day is the 12th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi wishes Pink Yoshi a happy valentine's day then Pink Yoshi turns around then back around for a gift but Black Yoshi tricked her then she leaves Black Yoshi (not by making him getting a new girl). Later, Mario gives Peach a teddy bear (which she does not want) then Peach forces Mario to get her a diamond ring and a necklace and later forces him to take the bear back to an unknown shop. Chad gives Tony a Love Book then Tony and Chad make out. Then, Toad walks in with Valentine's cards and saw both Chad and Tony. Toad later leaves. Later, Big Red (with the help of Black Yoshi) tells Female Big Red to look in the mirror. Meanwhile, Shrimpo gives Woody a love heart out of Shrimpos and a beer. Then, Shrek is spending his Valentine with his cheesecake. He goes in the bathroom, but then the lights went off.



  • This video is the only SML video labeled as an "SML Special." However, since there have been many other holiday specials throughout the years as SML Movies, this video has been labeled as an SML Movie.
  • This video marks the first valentines themed special. It is followed by Mario's Date, and later Mario's Valentines Day Problem.
  • This video marks the final performance of Lance Thirtyacre as Princess Peach.

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