If your looking for the character see Zeke (Character). If your looking for the channel, see Zyoshiman.

Zeke (also known as Ezekiel; YouTube: Zyoshiman) is a former member of the SuperMarioLogan cast and he was a very good friend of Logan. His most famous role was the voice of Mama Luigi. Zeke eventually had to quit SML, because he moved to Colorado along with Luke, away from Logan's hometown. Following his departure from the series, he continued to make Mama Luigi-themed videos on his own YouTube channel, but they were animated rather than recorded with plushes. However, in his 2013 YouTube video "Important news," Zeke explains how he grew old of Mama Luigi and feels it is time to grow up and move on. He claims that he supports anyone who can continue the Mama Luigi legacy since he is unable to do so himself.

In May 2017, Zeke returned briefly to SuperMarioLogan, and performed Mama Luigi for Toad's Mistake!. He also shot Mama Luigi's anticipated return in The SuperMarioLogan Movie.


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  • He stated in a Q&A that he actually enjoyed playing Bowser more then he enjoyed playing Mama Luigi.
  • On May 23rd, 2017, Zeke came over to stay with Logan for a week. While he was there, they remade Toad's Mistake, with Zeke playing as Mama Luigi (character) since it was the 8 year anniversary.
  • In a Q&A stream with SML Reviewer, Zeke mentioned that he is interested in moving back to Florida to rejoin the SML Crew which means Mama Luigi (character) might return.
  • Zeke has an account on the SML Wiki Discord server.


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